13 December 2008

Way Out In Idaho

Nice to be back in sagebrush country. Even if there isn't enough snow to cover the sagebrush.

The fullest waning moon in fifteen years.

The new aspen meadow made possible by the generous support of the Bob and Steve Show.

Looking northeast toward Blizzard Mountain and the southern end of the Pioneer Range before it drops into Craters of the Moon.

Short days and long light. Cold and still. There is a quiet outside--a settled, delicate hush. It's familiar and I wonder where I've been for so long.

The sunny but below freezing temperatures and breezy conditions kept plans to fish the Big or Little Wood rivers at zero. More storms on the way. More traveling, too. Next stop: Elko.


Jeff said...

Looks really, really nice. Too bad about the snow, though.

Hondo said...

Sometimes it's the line of trees that speak to us.

The hardwoods of the Midwest, cottonwoods along a stream in Idaho.

The contrast of hill that rises to sky and the feelings of place.

Still it is familiar and living somewhere foreign is just that.

Be it Mexico,Kyrgyzstan or Santiago.

Big cities,small cities hell even Utah.

Somehow that feeling of place is as good as sitting under a tree or on a bar stool listening to fox news.

steven hatcher said...

Ah, Hondo, I would recognize that writing style anywhere. Bienvenidos. Wendy tells me you are a Utard again. Good for you. Don't ever leave the West again. Perhaps you shouldn't have left in the first place.