02 October 2012

New Beginnings

Say hello to my little friend.

His name is Jaime. He was born in 1995. Jaime descends from the Silverado clan of American Chevrolets but with markings and appearance that show a cultural heritage steeped in the deserts of Sonora or Chihuahua. He is big but he is old. His only new jobs will be to haul junk from two homes in various states of renovation and to transport Hazel and I up and down bumpy, dusty roads. He seems at his happiest with the windows down, driving slowly, and listening to cowboy songs from Northeastern Mexico.

Along with Jaime I would like to introduce a new blog, A House Is Not a Motel, that will document the progress of House Renovation Project #1 in Carey. House Renovation Project #2 will begin when the house in Carey is suitable for permanent residency.

Life in Idahome is settling into a busy but productive routine. An open suitcase still holds my clothes but that will change soon, too. Baby steps and deep breaths. A morning chill is in the air, the Quaking Aspen are turning golden, and the desert light is low and melancholy. My skis have found a new home.