20 April 2010

The Magical Mermaid


The Magical Mermaid

Henry Hatcher


Once mermaids were alive and every mermaid was happy. One wasn't and she wasn't happy because one of the baddies was coming.


When she was about to lay on the floor she fell in a dark hole. She was screaming for help and nobody came.


She saw a big light and she swam toward it and it was a beautiful land with flowers and everything on dry land. She didn't know she had a magical necklace and it was on her.


But then there was a scary shadow that was coming toward her and she went away but then she saw little, little feet that were so cute.


The feet were actually fins. It was a fish. She was happy and glad. She liked it because it wasn't a monster or anything. The fish told her that her name was Shiny.


The fish swam away because the monster was coming. And the mermaid's fast powers cut him in the leg and neck.


She was happy because she was a princess. And she wasn't just a princess right this instant but she turned into a princess. And they all lived happily ever after.

The End