12 February 2008

New Feature: More Me!

I've been tinkering for a bit and I think I've figured out how to post videos (yes, that's me, right there on the cutting edge of technology!). I'll throw these two up as a test and a testament that, in fact, at some point during the year there is real snow down here. From there we'll see what becomes of this.

The first should be a short video of me climbing the last little bit of Cerro San Gabriel. The cinematographer and wise-guy commentator is mi amigo, Andres. Note: From our vantage point below the peak it didn't appear the snow was continuous from the top. We were wrong and we should have carried our skis the entire way up. Even still, we had a great descent.

Yes, action-packed and terribly exciting. I know.

The next "film" was shot by another travieso, Pablo, on our first trip up to El Monumento Cristo del Redentor on the Chilean/Argentinean border--just up the highway from Portillo ski resort. I was, ahem, waiting for my
compaƱeros, found myself a little bored and restless, so decided to climb up an apron and ski it down. Pablo arrived just as I started my descent and decided to get it down on film, or Xs and Os, +s and -s, or cyber-stuff, or whatever. Again, not real exciting but think of them as trailers to something much bigger and much more exciting! Maybe.

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