02 February 2008

Lolita Update!

If ever there was a band that could and should compose the score for the soundtrack of another film version of Lolita it's the Tindersticks. Their blend of melancholic romanticism and seedy theatrics would set the perfect tone. They're a bit literary, a touch dark, more than a little sensual, and a tad creepy. Add their brushes with sadness, humor, elegance, and a nod to the tragic and you'd have it all. In fact, their aesthetic blend of music has already landed them two very cool soundtracks for the equally provocative Claire Denis: Trouble Every Day (2001) and Nénette et Boni (1996).

Well, the groop has posted their new single for their new album The Hungry Saw on their MySpace page. And wouldn't you know it, the title, "The Flicker of a Little Girl," sounds awfully Lolita-like. While I haven't gone over the lyrics to the new song yet I wonder if the gang (now, apparently, paired down
only to three) have been perusing Nabokov as well.

By the way, Stuart, when you're ready to start this new project of mine let me know. Thing is, I have someone in mind for the role of Humbert Humbert. In fact, he may already be playing him!

Until then: The Flicker Of A Little Girl.mp3

(Note: The Humbert Humbert-Humbert seen in the last link mentioned above most certainly does not live with the wife/poet/teacher woman mentioned as well. That special bedspace is now reserved for a someone most definitely his junior.)

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