11 January 2013

And the Surrounding Mountains

A few views from some recent outings.

A little less than half of the Lost River Range with Bad Rock Peak (11,953 ft) on the far left with Mount Church (12,200 ft) just to the right. Donaldson Peak (12,023 ft) is south of Mount Church with Mount Breitenbach (12,140 ft) on the far right.

The north side of Blizzard Mountain (9,313 ft) at the southern end of the Pioneer Mountains with the Iron Mine and Lake Creek drainages spilling toward the headwaters of the Fish Creek.

Eer peak (10,744 ft) is located just south of its hidden companion peak, Pion. Pion and Eer, as in Pioneer, as in Pioneer Mountains, get it? Named, apparently, by Thomas Bannon, as USGS surveyor from 1912-1915. This peak is one of several that divide the eastern drainage of Antelope Creek that feeds the Big Lost River and the western drainage of Muldoon Creek that feeds the Little Wood River.

Good skiing here, there, and everywhere. Mountains.

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