03 May 2012

The Good Life, Or: What I Will Miss Least About Switzerland

And here is a summary of today's European headlines for Thursday, 03 May 2012:

On a nationally televised debate, France's top playboy and part-time president Nicolas Sarkozy exchanged insults and accusations with Socialist opponent François Hollande. Monsieur Hollande accused Sarkozy of "ruining the French economy." "Whatever happens, whatever happens, you are pleased with yourself. The French are less happy but you are (pleased)," Hollande said. To that Sarkozy responded, "It's a lie! It's a lie!"(Source)

The German airline Lufthansa is set to cut 3,500 jobs worldwide as it posted a loss of 379 million euros for the last year.(Source) This news follows in the wake of reporting that Germany's unemployment rate rose to a level of 6.8% after months of steady decline.(Source)

In Spain the country fell into a second recession as its unemployment rate continues to hover at an astounding 24.4%. Protesters have gathered on the streets in an attempt to take back some 500,000 homes lost from repossessions and evictions.(Source)

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Italians prepare for their first protest vote since Prime Minister Mario Monti replaced playboy and part-time president Silvio Berlusconi. It seems Italians are not only frustrated by the austerity measures placed on them by a leader they did not vote for but also by the corrupt nature of Italian politics in general.(Source)

Apparently Greece is still a country and they are set to have some of their own elections that will surely effect the state of affairs within the Eurozone. Most Greeks, however, are undecided about who they will vote for. Suspicion, mistrust, and anger rule the streets of Athens.(Source)

Finally, in Switzerland, parliamentarians are engaged in a heated debate over whether or not to allow 24-hour gas stations the ability to sell food between the hours of 1:00 and 4:00 in the morning.(Source) Nice work if you can get it.

Those are some of the top stories from Europe. Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow. Take it away, Billie...


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