24 April 2012

Exit, Phase Two: Pain and Pleasure

With the not-so-successful conclusion of Phase One commences the second more tedious Phase Two. Here is the middle period between the acknowledgement and acceptance of the move and the physical removal of your life's possessions from the dwelling. This is when you panic because you start to notice all the excess crap accumulated over the previous few years and you realize there is no way all the excess crap will weigh within the limit allowed for all of your life's crap. It is during Phase Two, then, that you begin to count, organize, assess, and determine what crap you can and cannot live without and how you will unload all your unwanted crap onto something, somewhere, or someone else.

I chose to begin Phase Two with a proper inventory of the bomb shelter, the contents of which will be shipped before everything else and before the weather turns too warm.


There is no work without play. A good day's work deserves a good meal and the subject of the day's work provided for at least half the pleasure of the good meal.


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