24 January 2009

The Eyes Of A Child

Hank asked to use the camera. I showed him which button to push and sent him on his way. Every time he took a picture he would look in the display and laugh. Then he would run off to a different location and do the same. This pointing and shooting and laughing went on for about thirty minutes until he grew bored, set the camera down, and attacked another project.

I recovered the camera and would now like to present Hank Hatcher's first ever on-line exhibit. The title of the exhibit is What You Said?: The Future of Sterilized Living On American Way, Perspectives 2009. Full-sized prints are available for purchase through this website.

This series is entitled Architectual Designs of the Practical.

And Hank's What You Said? exhibit pretty much sums up the last two weeks: attempts to entertain little people, attempts to entertain myself, a little disappointment, and not much skiing. A week away from Geneva.

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