15 September 2008

My Day With Andrés

Our time here is rapidly coming to an end. We will leave Chile having spent a little shy of three years but we will have spent three full ski seasons here. That's significant because Andrés and his family were the first locals we met and they have since become important and trusted friends proving, without a doubt, that Santiago no es Chile and that Santiaguinos no son Chilenos. They are great people and fine representatives of everything this country has to offer.

It seems that this year we've spent less time skiing together than we have the previous two. Jobs, kids, an ever-expanding To Do list, etc, etc; the daily business of business and the challenges of raising a family in this hectic city. That's why it's best to think in terms of quality over quantity. We've had a couple good days together and I hope we have a couple more before the snow melts.

Yesterday was a good one. Just the two of us, two dogs, a big blue sky, and a big white mountain. The kind of day you'll remember for a while. Quality over quantity.

Andrés in his home mountains working on both his leg muscles and suntan.

Spring is no longer threatening but is in full commitment. The snow hasn't quite caught up yet, though; it's still in a funky, transitional stage: crusty and unconsolidated up high, heavy and sticky down low. No importe. You don't need perfect snow for a perfect day.

Two friends on a mountain for the better part of a day. Can't beat it. Thanks, Andi. You and your family have made our life here much more rewarding.

(If you can't see a small, blue square and triangle that resembles a play button, go here and follow directions. Installing this will allow you to read and listen to music at the same time--like a real live multitasker!)

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