08 September 2008

The Last Few Days

The skiing has been good around here. Little spits and spatters have left good coverage and the cool temperatures have not taken it away. There have been passers-by--like the incomparable Lea. There have been days with only the pooches. If I could think of a good reason to leave the Cerro Manchón complex I would.

No, no reason yet. I'll keep thinking. And walking.

It's nice sometimes not to break trail.

What's the saying? Something something the journey as something as the destination. I don't know. Neither are as good as a nap.

That bit of false wisdom assumes you know the destination. This is not always the case, nor is it necessary.

But you always know when you get there. Or at least you know that though you may not be quite there, where you are is as good as it gets.

And as good as it gets is often pretty good. If not better.

Then there is the associated letdown. That is always as good as it gets. Lately it's been good.

Nothing like aimlessness without hesitation.

And the only thing better than a day in the mountains is several days in the mountains. Spring is threatening. The smell of the fertile earth is rich and ripe on my lower elevation trail runs. Up high is good and plenty, though, so we'll take it as it comes.

Several of these photos were stolen from Lea's camera. Thanks, Lea, for your camera. And we'll see you back here or over there. Or both.


Lea said...

a weekend of cultured conversation conversation, calm contentment in the mountains, a washing machine and tumble drier. welcome respite from this, my life as restless drifter among others like me.

Lea said...

conversation conversation, oh yeah! see how i put repetitions in my syntax too make it sounds more literary and stuff? just like dostojevski.