19 July 2013

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Ponyboy & Johnny: Nothing Gold Can Stay

Brian Eno: I'll Come Running
Another Green World, 1975

Françoise Hardy: Le temps de l'amour
The Yeh-Yeh Girl from Paris!, 1965

The Beach Boys: Girl Don't Tell Me
Summer Days, 1965

Linda Ronstadt: Baby, You've Been on My Mind
Hand Sown ... Home Grown, 1969

Johnny & June Cash: If I Were a Carpenter
Hello, I'm Johnny Cash, 1969

Lena Hughes: Pearly Dew
Queen of the Flat Top Guitar, early 1960s

Angel Olsen: Tiniest Seed
Half Way Home, 2012

The Instruments: Mountain Song
Dark Småland, 2008

Sleeping States: Contact Lunacy
There the Open Spaces, 2007

Peter Howe: I'm Alive
Morning of the Earth OST, 1971

Love: Mushroom Clouds
Love, 1966

John Stammers:
Idle I'm (Colorama Coloured in Remix)

Remix 7", 2011

Archie Fisher: Open the Door Softly
Archie Fisher, 1968

Emmanuelle Parrenin: Thibault et l'arbre d'or
Maison Rose, 1977

Kate Bush: Cloudbusting
Hounds of Love, 1985

Virginia Astley: A Summer Long Since Passed
Hope in a Darkened Heart, 1986

Jessica Pratt: Bushel Hyde
Jessica Pratt, 2012

Vetiver: No One Word
To Find Me Gone, 2006

The Clientele: Never Anyone But You
Bonfires on the Heath, 2009

John Cale: Paris 1919
Paris 1919, 1973

Thalia Zedek Band: Walk Away
Via, 2013

Robert Frost: Nothing Gold Can Stay

Notes: A full 80 minutes of gauzy, breezy, wispy respite from the heat. Because some summers, man, oh man, they drop like flies. And, yes, this is that summer.

For the faithful I might update the list with albums and dates but for now the music itself will fill all the holes.

Thanks to play it as it lathes for some bits of needed inspiration.

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I love the music from this post. Winks