05 April 2011

Literary Skiers 13b

The standard Arlberg technique was used by Alf and Sverre Engen when teaching. I'd seen Sverre use the single dipsy in powder but Alf didn't use it in public because after all he was the head of the ski school! Junior Bounous, now the head of Snowbird's ski school, was an instructor under Alf Engen at Alta at the time we moved there in 1952. Junior refined the dipsy into what became the double dipsy--because the weight is on both skis. But there's still a definite bounce in it. Junior is the finest skier I've ever seen. He skis all techniques with equal facility. The tune he sings in really great powder is the old children's song: The worms crawl in, and the worms crawl out; they crawl right in and out of your snout. It's the perfect rhythm for steep powder.

--Dolores LaChapelle, from Deep Powder Snow: 40 Years of Ecstatic Skiing, Avalanches, and Earth Wisdom, 1993

Photo Credits:
Junior Bounous
Dolores LaChapelle

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