18 January 2010

It Skis!

A goal of our holiday trip to Germany was to see el niño back on skis. He spent some time on them in Chile but he was still a tad too young and his attention span a bit short for the experience to sink in. I am happy to announce that Henry is now a member of the fold, the small but highly enlightened faithful who believe that to move down a snow covered mountain with two boards attached to the feet is the highest form of divine intervention, inspiration, and expression. And as far as I could tell the baptism was far less painful than most others.

We signed him up for three days of ski lessons because Henry the Willful is nothing if not, well, willful, and in our experience a firm but compassionate third party is the best way for him to learn. He is a quick, focused, and capable learner when Ma and Pa aren't around to complicate things with family roles and emotions. We were able to sneak a few peeks to watch the conversion process unfold.

Hands on knees, submit to the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever. Amen.

In his quest he found others in search of the truth and light. And though they were divided by language and location they shared a similar creed and, lo, they abandoned all secular differences and together bound they triumphed.

By lunchtime on the third day, though, the game was up. The boy decided to quit the group and strike out on his own. Tired of the class and the Tower of Babel that separated them, he wanted only to ski with Ma and Pa. So we did. And he never looked back.

From here on, I suppose, it will be a matter of faith, dedication, and discipline. The question, then, will be whose ski tracks will he follow into the light eternal? The graceful but cautious Mama?

Or the not-so-graceful, not-so-cautious, but potentially more exalted Daddy?

The future is in his hands.


Jeff said...

He's starting to look Swiss, don't you think?

Lea said...

don't you think he might prefer to make his own tracks, rather than follow someones?

steven hatcher said...

Ah, Lea, you know as well as anyone - and better than most - that Hank has always and probably will always plow his own course through life. What else would a Princess-Mermaid-Wizard-Fairy-Painter-Skier do?

Thanks, though, for your critique.

T-bar freaks Mom said...

I am catching up on reading my favorite blogs. I have no idea if you will see this but I had to comment. To begin with Hank will follow his Dad and be concerned about his cautious Mom. However, it won't be long before he strikes out and makes his own trails. Your jaw will drop, your eyes will glisten and your heart will swell with pride...That's my son!

Blessings from a mom who has been there and still finds her eyes glistening and her heart swelling with pride