17 July 2009

He's the One Lee (In Vinyl 2)

For good and bad reasons, Mark Mulcahy has been in the music news lately. I was inspired, then, to break out some his music. I started with his solo albums (CD only), Fathering and In Pursuit of Your Happiness, both beautiful and worth owning in their own right.

More attention was paid to the Miracle Legion, whose 1989's Me & Mr. Ray provided an acoustic, back to earth soundtrack to some seriously skewed post-High School, early college career blues. It's important to note that on the other side of the spectrum, the summer of 1989 also saw the self-titled first release of the Stone Roses. Ooomph.

The Miracle Legion: Me & Mr. Ray (1989)

I remember the first time I learned of the Miracle Legion. I was alone in an apartment in San Diego watching 120 Minutes on MTV. The person whose apartment I was sitting in was out and about with his newly-found University of San Diego fraternity brothers taking in a little pre-semester partying. I was left to my own and wondering why I bothered road tripping with him from our summer job residence in Lake Tahoe. I still don't know why. I know that after I made it out of California I talked to Eric only a few times more. Almost everything in my life changed after the summer of 1989. Most for the better, some, for a short while, worse.

I knew I had to get out of California and return to school. The prospect of returning back to Utah (state and county) seemed dismal but going back to Colorado was an impossibility. Nope, it was time to face the fact that several of my more notable relationships were in various states of deterioration. In a couple of very short weeks I would be totally alone. That night--on the floor, in the dark, watching MTV--I knew what was ahead of me. And that knowledge made the bittersweet "You're the One Lee" altogether essential.

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