17 June 2009

The Ice Kings

Who knew a geeky, quiet, little (ex) band from Austin, Texas was so into snow? Not me. And who knew that the eco-capitalists at REI were hip enough to employ such an un-snowy band for their snowy soundtrack? Not me.

Though the video would have better accomplished using a telemarker or two, the skiing is awfully nice, especially as I look all around me and see nothing but the green, green grass (of home) growing taller and taller.

The compilation came out January 2009. As far as I know the song is unavailable on any other format and might never be now that they no longer exist. I assume it was guitarist/vocalist Andrew Kenny who said this about the song:

"Ice King" was written in the middle of a record streak of 100-degree days here in beautiful Austin, TX. Something's gotta give. As hot as it gets here, it gets even colder in the Northeast. And doesn't the cold outside have a way of bringing out the cold in people? That's what this song is about.

I would say the opposite is true, Andrew. At any rate, enjoy your (dreams of) skiing.

1 comment:

Carlos said...

Hi Steven.
Awesome video and nice music!
Swiss should be great in summer however winter must be incredible. Just wait half of a year...
Here in Australia there is some snow, however Chile is a better place for skis and YES New Zealand must be a better place. Currently with my student budget I am kind of far from skiing, however I will try some slopes later in the winter inthe Southern Alps and one with a job, (after finishing my two year MBA) certainly I will go to NZ.
All the best and pacience!