01 May 2009


A gift of Spring. This must have come to me in a dream though I can't seem to pinpoint it even that specifically. All I know is at some point between last night and the first thing this morning I felt I had to listen to this album and then felt I had to share it. So here it is, in all its glory, for a limited time only, the complete Forever Changes by Love.

Why this? Why now? Because Forever Changes is a Springtime album. Maybe the Springtime album. Though released in November, the recording began in June of 1967. Spring. In the album, there are plenty of the markers of Spring: fluffy bunnies, bright tulips, the green grass of 1967 America. Flower Power. Los Angeles. Lovely, romantic melodies. Baroque pop.

Forever Changes is also the Spring of giant thunderclouds creeping over the mountains that will soon--maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon enough--blot out the blinding sunlight and wash the parade away. There is a discomfort in the album. Some fear. Paranoia. And plenty of uncertainty. Yass, yass, it's a beautiful day. But what if?

Forever Changes is a good reminder. It's Love in the Time of the Swine Flu, kind of thing. It's an "alternative interrogation method." A warning of ongoing hoaxes being played on America. A solitary flower pushing its way through concrete. It's the Good Humor Man and merry-go-rounds. Hummingbirds and la da da, da da da da. Two wars (at least) and bankruptcy. And the streets are paved with gold and if someone asks you, you can call my name.

I won't say much more about the album, it's well-documented (Allmusic, Wikipedia, random websites, and more random websites). I will say that it should be owned and turned over, year after year, like soil in a garden, after a long, cold winter. Listen to it then go buy it and listen to it again. At home. In the dark of night and again in the light of morning.

I post the album--again, for a brief time only--not to give away music, though I am, but to spread the good word of Love. Everybody should be listening to this album right about now and maybe if we did something just might change. Maybe if Arthur and Bryan and Don and Ken (and who knows who else) weren't dead already (RIP, guys) I'd think twice about doing it. But, in my little mind, not enough people are out there promoting what is good and right in this world of ours and by all accounts Forever Changes is nothing if not good and right.

The Love documentary Love Story is almost as heartbreaking as the album and worth tracking down. Here is the promo:

Oh, the snot has caked against my pants
It has turned into crystal
There’s a bluebird sitting on a branch
I guess I’ll take my pistol
I’ve got it in my hand
Because he’s on my land

And so the story ended
Do you know it oh so well
Well should you need I’ll tell you
The end end end end end end-end-end

Yes I’ve seen you sitting on the couch
I recognize your artillery
I have seen you many times before
Once when I was an Indian
And I was on my land
Why can’t you understand

Served my time
Served it well
You made my soul a cell

Write the rules
In the sky
But ask your leaders
Why? Why?


Jeff said...

Wow -- did you know you made it on TGR??? You really kick ass (now).

Sally said...

You are amazing. How is Switzerland?