26 August 2008

Cerro Manchón Redux

The Wayfaring Strangers returned last week from their adventures down south. One of their returning goals was to ski at Portillo. Apparently, though, Jeff was also a good enough boy the previous month that he earned permission to do a ski tour. So we did. Back to Cerro Manchón.

The snowline dropped a bit from the last storm. The week's cool temperatures also allowed the new snow to stay quite fresh, especially the south slopes. A beautiful day to spend in the mountains. A few of Jeff's pictures:

From a distance Cerro Manchón looks like a big mound. And I suppose it is. It's also a massive complex of gullies and ridge lines that reveal themselves when you hike up. This lends itself well to a day without goals or plans or cares. The snow conditions were greatly improved since the first time around.

So nice, in fact, that we climbed again. And then skied down again.

All good things must end, I suppose. Buen viaje, Jeff and Laura. We'll see you somewhere.

(If you can't see a small, blue square and triangle that resembles a play button, go here and follow directions. Installing this will allow you to read and listen to music at the same time--like a real live multitasker!)

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