02 July 2008


Hank has a brother. His name is Felipe. I've never seen Felipe though I know a lot about him. He's a bit of a travieso, or a little devil. In fact, he's a trickster. It seems this bad behavior teaches Hank how not to act.

Felipe often does things that Hank shouldn't, like hit people or throw fits. He doesn't like to share. Once, he told Hank to shut up. He can be pretty mean. Because of this he spends a lot of time in time-out. I don't know who puts him in time-out and I never know when he's let out.

Felipe is nice, too, and can say some funny things. He makes Hank laugh and we hear of Felipe's silliness through Hank. Everything we know of Felipe is through secondhand information. We trust Hank, though, and think he's telling us the truth.

Felipe sleeps on Hank's bedroom floor, right next to his bed. I don't know why he doesn't sleep with Hank. He has a second home, too. According to Hank it's a "creepy Haunted House." I don't know where the house is or if anyone else lives there. My guess is no, Felipe probably takes care of himself.

We don't exactly know how old his brother is, either. I asked Hank if Felipe was older or younger. He said younger. Then I asked how old he is and Hank showed me five fingers. Hank is four fingers old. No matter.

Not sure how long Felipe will be around. He's kind of a mysterious drifter. A loner. He's nice to have around. Hank confides in him and is able to work out some of his own mischievousness through his brother. He's certainly welcome. We'll leave it up to Hank to determine his duration. Hank knows best.

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