12 June 2008

Winter Projects 3

The La Parva Chutes, Cerro La Parva (4,047m/13,277ft)

Though the picture doesn't look like much these chutes have been on my mind since I first saw them on a 2006 tour up to Cerro Pintor. They are easily accessible from either the La Parva or Valle Nevado ski resorts, are obtainable in a single day, and--in my estimation--are rarely skied. These are not the more famous and popular Falsa Parva chutes, but the real deals that you would ski from the summit proper.

Falsa Parva (3,790m) is the lower false summit that towers above the La Parva and Valle Nevado ski resort boundaries. The Falsa Parva chutes spit you out into the Valle del Inca, the uppermost portion of the Valle Nevado resort.

Cerro La Parva is a bit more north in direction and the true La Parva chutes descend easterly into the valley called Las Yaretas that is part of the route up to Cerro El Plomo. These, then, require a bit more climbing both in and out of them which accounts for the lack of traffic. Below is a Google Earth representation of the top part of Valle Nevado and the surrounding peaks. Clicking the image should expand the view.

And a closer view of the La Parva chutes:

The lines are longer, more aesthetic, and demand that you climb the entirety of the peak before descending from it. Seems like a fair trade to me. Plus, the rumor is that both Valle Nevado and La Parva now offer a single-ride "mountain pass" that will take you to the very top of either resort where you can head for the higher hills without the hefty price tag of an all-day ticket.

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